Happy New Year January 9, 2014


Happy New Years to you all. Today marks the first complete week of this brand new year and month. Have you all collected your thoughts on the goals you want to set for yourself in 2014? Now is the time. As you all can see for yourself, my blog has not seen a post in quite some time, but that is about to change, starting right now.

I took a day right after Christmas to reminisce and ponder over all my Face book posts I made throughout 2013 and I realized how important written words and photos really are in one’s life. There were plenty of events I had no problem remembering, but various forgotten ones came floating back once I re-read my posts and scanned over my zillion photos. Many of you might find it a bit odd that I like to share my life happenings (both personal/business)….family issues/events…..adventures….ups/downs, but for me, it gives me a lot of peace and calm in my life. I found that writing was another creative outlet, when painting was not always possible. Even when I am knee deep in deadlines…designing….editing etc. I find the time to share with you a little something about this Ordinary Artist…Business Owner…Daughter…Sister...Wife…Momma…Memere (aka Grandma)…Designer…Teacher….and a passionate person, when it comes to just about anything in life.

I purchased this little book through Amazon (actually it was a gift to me) entitled, Jane-a-Day 5 Year (yes that is right 5 years) journal…this ought to keep me busy. Great way to start or end my day and I intend to use this for my daily quick thoughts (hmmm…me quick and short)…post mishaps…things to work on….what might have gone wrong…just anything that I find important to make things better. The book is very tiny (actually thought it was a lot bigger) no problem, it will pop right into my tote bag or purse. I will never be at lost for words (*wink*)…Stopping laughing...what can I say it is an inherited gift...Thanks Mom!...

Jane a Day Journal

I hang a huge calendar every year in my office. I do not do well with a calendar that is behind a cupboard door or not in clear view. I check it first thing in the AM. I promise the calendar does start with January....

Wall Calendar

My special journal for the year and it will be a place where I will sketch out my design thoughts…write notes to my grand kids and loved ones. Joint down ideas for the website…blog…Face book posts.

Cretive Art Journal

I think I have enough to keep my CREATIVE GOALS Moving and Grooving in 2014….

The words I wrote throughout 2013 gave me a great deal of needed strength. When I thought there was none to be had; I found out differently. I know I can revisit each post I wrote and all the memories will flood right back. Nothing will be forgotten. It is always there to remind me of the challenges I faced, but realizing I came away such a better person. It might not always be the case, but learning and experiencing is what life is all about. We might not get all the answers that are wanted right then and there, but over time it will happen.

Life, and all the goals we want to achieve, dreams to chase after, desires we truly want, challenges we want to overcome, can be possible if we see our written words and goals each and every day. Trust me when I say, “You will find out that you are not alone.” So many among us are riding the same life and creative roller coaster, but it is so much better when you are sharing the same seat.

So let us all share this year of written words and most of all our CREATIVE GOALS…I am so ready to see where this roller coaster ride takes us…Are you ready for a fabulous year my friends? You all have given me so much in 2013…mostly your thoughts…lending ear….compassion…patience and most of all your friendship.  For that I cannot say THANK YOU enough.

Here is a little something for you all to save or print out. I want you to write down all your goals for 2014.

Creative Goals web

Creative Goals (pdf)

I have also provided a line drawing without color so you can create something special...paint it on watercolor paper, wood, masonite or cardstock. Make it yours...

Line Drawing web

Line Drawing (pdf)

Place it where you can see it every single day. Challenge yourself to stick to your DREAMSDESIRESHOPES

 Have COURAGEBELIEVE in yourself…but most of all be CREATIVE…..So let’s buckle up...strap ourselves in tight and take this ride together.  Look forward to sharing this journey with you all....

Until next time...Create always with a happy heart....Kim


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